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GU New Style Gearbox - Split Spindle

by GU
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This GU new style genuine gearbox has an 8mm split spindle, 92mm centres and is available in 35mm or 45mm backsets. New style suitable for replacing new style GU multipoint locks. Will not interchange with old style multipoint locks.

Operation: Split spindle.

Latch reversal: Depending on date of manufacture either: Undo screw or screws in the latch, remove, reverse and reinsert; or push a flat bladed screwdriver into the small rectangular slot above spindle and pull out latch at same time. Reverse and reinsert.

Nightlatch reversal: Remove the latch to reveal a small screw. Use a small bladed screwdriver to turn the screw 180 degrees then return latch to the correct position.